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    Shenzhen zhishutong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "zhishutong"), zhishutong focuses on providing professional import and export management and solutions. The products mainly involve intelligent access gate system, intelligent access control system, face recognition system and intelligent license plate recognition system

    Zhishutong adheres to the concept of "honesty is the foundation, harmony is the prosperity; technology is the essence, and industry competition is the success", provides customers with high-quality services and creates value for customers. In Shenzhen, there is a professional production base of access gates, a software and hardware development team, and a perfect system solution. The system covers the supporting capabilities of intelligent products such as intelligent parking lot management system, intelligent access control management system and charge management system, attendance management system, ticket management system and site software management system. Our delivery and installation services can provide customers with a one-stop purchasing experience, which is convenient and fast.

    Main products: three roller gate, swing gate, wing gate, translation gate, transfer gate, quick pass gate, face recognition terminal, license plate recognition machine, road gate, hydraulic lifting column and other equipment.

Shenzhen Zhishutong Technology Co., Ltd.Specializing in providing intelligent access gate systems, vehicle identification gates and other products.

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